Mars is calling. Our candidates are answering.

J.R.S.K., Hip Hop scholar

J.R.S.K is a Hip Hop scholar who wants to join the MarxOnMars mission to bring the essence of Hip Hop to the Red Planet(areat): peace, love, unity, respect, and having fun. He believes that Hip Hop can help unite everyone who will be on the mission and teach people to converse and understand each other. J.R.S.K. believes that Hip Hop can overcome the differences that have divided us on Earth. "People have been blinded by money, the root of all evil," he shares. "Everyone will be starting with, literally, zero, nothing. What we create there is what we give to everyone." J.R.S.K. wants to unite the world and thinks that starting fresh on a new planet is the best way to do so. "Hip Hop is one of the few cultures alive on Earth that judges people not by their skin color but by their character, much like Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech."

Miguel Santiago Ramirez, global nomad, gluten-free cooper

A global nomad, Miguel Santiago Ramirez knows no home. As he helps people to travel across borders, Miguel defies the boundaries of the nation-state both physically and figuratively. “I’m done with a system that defines where I can go and where I cannot go.” Miguel wants to move to Mars to establish an equal, multicultural society rid of racism, classism and sexism. Passionate about cooperative living and committed to a gluten-free, vegan diet, Miguel also sees his journey to Mars as an opportunity to embrace his alternative lifestyle. “That’s the definition of moving and adapting, we find new ways to live.”

Preston Mick, tech employee

Preston Mick is a former tech employee from Illinois. After getting his degree, Preston was excited to move to Silicon Valley and join a community of innovators who shared his mission to build a technological utopia, free from geographical constraints. But like many of us, Preston was disappointed when the evils of capitalism revealed themselves in his industry. Preston is dedicated to establish a true Marxist society on Mars, where he will use his technological skills to ensure a more equitable and just society. With all its colors, he believes, Earth is too divisive. Now, like the blood that runs through all of us, Red will unify us all.

Kanya Sokratez, Artist

Kanya is a recent art school graduate fed up with the gendered dynamics of Earth. “There is oppression and pressure having graduated and not having the usual safety net,” Kanya shares. The sexist ideologies that capitalism has implanted in our minds have even infiltrated the arts world. With her creative energy and artistic skills, Kanya brings both pragmatic skills and an imaginative and adaptable spirit to Mars. To Kanya, the MarxOnMars mission presents an opportunity “for all of us to start on the same plane. It's almost impossible for us to do that without completely starting over."


Enrique Iglesias, fry cook at Long Jong and Silvers, former anthropology student

After finishing his degree in Anthropology, Enrique Iglesias was unable to secure a job in his field and ended up working as a fry cook at Long Jong and Silvers. His degree in anthropology brought him to his Trotskyite beliefs. Enrique sees the MarxOnMars mission as a way to challenge the more orthodox interpretation of Marxism. "That's a slippery slope. Let's not repeat the history of the Russian revolution." With his relationship recently ended, Enrique will not miss Earth. "If we had a commune model, perhaps we can cure the disease of loneliness." On Mars, Enrique will push his and others' limits.

Cristina Medrano

Cristina Medrano grew up just outside the Mission district in San Francisco. When tech companies moved into the neighborhood, Cristina witnessed the gentrification pushing out the original inhabitants, predominantly Hispanic. She regrets the new residents’ dismissal of the cultures and peoples that used to live in the Mission district. “Why can’t you just love tacos for what they are? I want them to keep their artichokes away from my tacos.” Cristina wants to come to Mars to build a society that appreciates differences and embraces community without erasing our past on Earth. “There’s still a lot to learn from each other, and a brand new start doesn’t mean completely forgetting the past.”